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our services

At MORTON ARCHITECTS, we pride ourselves on being a full-service architectural firm and pay the utmost attention to the integration and execution of the entire building process.

We offer regular site visits during the construction phase to observe general progress and compliance with design documents as it is crucial for the contractor to have another set of eyes on-site, particularly during difficult situations.

Our Services Include:

  • Programming & Planning
  • Site Analysis
  • Building Design
  • Interiors & Finishes
  • Lighting Schematics
  • Construction Administration
  • Model Building & Renderings
  • Property Analysis & Selection

We believe in fostering solid, upstanding relationships between client, contractor, and other consultants.

From cabinetry to finishes, plumbing fixtures, lighting and appliances, we strive to be involved in all interior specifications and details down to the last detail.

We feel comfortable working directly with the client for selection and specification of materials/finishes, or with the assistance of an interior designer.