Creative Modern Architectural solutions

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The creation of a home involves the discovery of the essential elements that convey a sense of place, elements that vary from client to client and from site to site. Our approach is to uncover the elements that define each project/client and blend them with all aspects of the site to achieve a harmonious environment.

DESIGN and STYLE are not only subjective, but also individualized by designer, client, and site conditions. Style can only work well if it pays attention to what lies beneath: the bare bones of structure and function.

MORTON ARCHITECTS believes that beauty and usefulness are inseparable, and together they help to create the home: a sanctuary for personal taste and aspirations. The home is the heart of life, and we treat it as such. We concentrate on quality design, the honest use of materials, handcrafted skills and environmentally-sensitive components.


At MORTON ARCHITECTS we listen intently to the CONCEPTS and GOALS of the client, and strive for the unique combination of space, light, color, materials and furnishings.

FUNCTION and STRUCTURE are the underlying elements to all spaces. A space can only be enjoyed if it provides the required function efficiently.